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94% Answers & Cheat

94% Answers & Cheat

Welcome to the 94% Answers and Cheats.

To use our 94% answers cheat simply select the flag which represents the language you are playing the game in and the region. Then navigate to the level you are on and either image or text question and select the question you have been asked or image you are stuck on our 94% answers will give you the all of the possible answers.

94% is a mobile game brought to you by SCIMOB and is available on both Android & iOS. The game is simple to grasp for example if I was to say to you name something you eat for breakfast? You would reply with answers like eggs, cereal, toast etc The object of the game is to find 94% of the answers to each question you are asked! 94% by SCIMOB has more than 25 million players worldwide and is a very enjoyable game.

SCIMOBILE Disclaimer
We are in no way affiliated with SCIMOBILE the creators of the 94% Game all copyrights, logos and products belong to them. SCIMOBILE does not endorse our website or cheats in anyway. If anything we are just a 94 Percent Fan page.

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