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Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers Cheats, Hints & Tips

Welcome to the Subway Surfers cheats page.

If you have played the subway surfers game you will you would have dashed, and dodged your way through various dangerous subways, carefully avoiding the Pitbull and the Inspector. Most of you have probably already realized this game can be VERY difficult, and have ended up here looking for a way to cheat at Subway Surfers.

Well you have come to the right place, along with cheats & answers to popular word games we have decided to bring you cheats for some of the most popular trending games on the web, so we decided to start with one of our favourites!

Please note we are not affiliated with Subway Surfers and all logos and graphics belong to the gaming developers "Kiloo"

Here are some of the Subway Surfers cheats that we have gathered for the game so far!
Subway Surfers - Tips and Tricks

For items, focus on coins first: Your first starting out, so coins are very important to collect, so when shopping you should try and get power-ups like the coin magnet, or even the jetback before choosing the Super sneakers or the two x multiplayer, Unless you really need them to complete one of the missions.

Get on top of the trains:  When you are on top fo the trains, you will have a better vantage point to see the oncoming traffic and all of the power ups since the camera goes right behind you. Not much in the way of a cheat, but a nice helpful little hint!

Hoverboards are the BEST: For only 300 coins a time, the hoverboard can make you immune to anything. This will allow you get the best high scores and the highest possible coin returns. The hover boards simply put ROCK, they are awesome!! GET ONE in Subway surfers NOW!!

At the start trigger the Mega Headstart: If you want more than 10000 points at the very start of a level, its as simple as triggering the MEGA HEADSTART!!

Unlock Characters

This list of Characters can be unlocked by collecting the following amount of coins or completing the following tasks!!

  • Brody - Collect 350,000 coins
  • Frank - Collect 40,000 coins
  • Fresh - Collect three Boomboxes
  • Frizzy - Collect 150,000 coins
  • King - Collect 80,000 coins
  • Lucy - Collect 7,000 coins
  • Ninja - Collect 20,000 coins
  • Prince K - Collect 980,000 coins
  • Spike - Collect three Guitars
  • Tagbot - Collect 12,000 coins
  • Tasha - Collect 30,000 coins
  • Tony - Collect 95,000 coins
  • Tricky - Collect three Caps
  • Yutani - Collect three Spaceships
  • Zoe - Collect 120,000 coins

Please note some of the following cheats or glitches may not work because of latest game updates

Free Past Board:

To gain the Miami Special board by cheating at Subway Surfers try this:

  • Go to your mobile or tablet device time and date settings and change the date and time to "May 30th, 2013"
  • Open the Subway Surfers application and navigate to your boards screen.
  • Check for the Miami Special board.
Note: this cheat may no longer work.

Jet Pack Jump Glitch
  • Grab a Jet pack
  • Just after the Jet pack runs out of fuel swipe up very quickly just after you get the very last coin
  • Your character should jump in mid air
Note:You may land on top of the train :) 

Coin-Doubler Jetpack

Want to collect 2 coins while riding a Jet Pack?

  • Get the Super Sneakers power up.
  • When you're lucky, you may find a jetpack, where the super sneakers aren't de-activated  
  • Swipe to collect thecoins, You should see the coin meter filling 2 coins at a time when collecting a coin.
Note: Upgrade to the Super Sneakers and Jet Pack makes this much easier 


Subway Surfers - Kiloo
The following is one of many videos of cheats found for Subway Surfers, however please note anything from youtube we have not tested ourselves, so do so at your own risk. We are not responsible for any external software you have to install, or any loss of game data. You have been warned!! However if you read the comments you should be able to deceifer if its a genuine cheat and works or not, we chose this one because a lot of people reported that it did work!
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